Ceramic tile murals for kitchen and bath backsplashes.

Taylor's Vineyard Mural* Frame not included with purchaseBloomingtiles® ceramic tile murals and accent tiles are limited reproductions of decorative murals hand-painted by ceramic tile artist, Julie Hatch, in her Southern California studio. Julie has been hand-painting ceramic tile since 1984 and is well known locally for her outstanding art. Examples can be found in schools, businesses, real estate developments and in several Pacific Sales showrooms in the area. Pacific Sales showrooms that exhibit Bloomingtiles® murals are located in Corona, Rancho Mirage, Temecula, Torrance, Camarillo, Huntington Beach and San Diego. For help in getting directions, see Pacific Sales.

For many years Julie has searched for a way to offer inexpensive decorative ceramic tile murals of comparable quality to her hand-painted work. Bloomingtiles® is the result of this effort. Julie spends several weeks designing and painting each original in rich, vivid colors and in very fine detail. The artwork is then carefully reproduced in limited quantities using a specially developed technique and ceramic tile pigments similar to those used in her hand-painted tile work. Each design is then kiln-fired onto white matte, glossy or simulated travertine tile which she keeps in stock. Stocked tile has been tested by Bloomingtiles® and demonstrated to fire well and render color faithfully. Alternatively murals may be applied by the same process to light colored ceramic tile of the client's choice. All stages of production take place under Julie's direct supervision. The murals have the same appearance and are just as vivid and durable as hand-painted kiln-fired murals but are offered at a fraction of the price. Lead times for any of the Bloomingtiles® murals are measured in days in contrast to the many weeks required to undertake a hand-painted mural.

Bloomingtiles® murals and accents will add the perfect decorative touch to your home, business or other construction project. Bloomingtiles® offers medium and large sized murals with a collection of coordinated accent tiles and is continually adding new, vibrant designs to the collection.

Tuscany Window MuralBeach Window Mural

The kiln-firing process bonds the pigment permanently to the tile glaze and becomes an integral part of it. Thus the design is permanent, will not scratch or fade from ultra violet light and is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Tile shape, size and grout line orientation and position are all defined by the client during the ordering process.

If you would like to make sure of the suitability of your chosen tile or see how its background color will appear in a particular mural, or if you wish to see a sample tile from a Bloomingtiles® mural before placing an order, Bloomingtiles® will process a single tile as a proof and ship it to you for approval. Mail Bloomingtiles® one of your chosen tiles with $10.00 for S. & H. and specify which mural you would like proofed. (see "Contact" for address information). If you are expecting to use one of Bloomingtiles® stock tiles, click on your chosen mural in the products page to enlarge it and show details. At the bottom of the page is a proof tile. Click on it and use the drop down menu to order the proof on stock tile and charge the $10.00 to your credit card. The S. & H. charge will be subtracted from any future order.

Custom decorative ceramic tile works beautifully in a shower, on a bathroom wall, or as a kitchen backsplash. Tile provides a protected, durable and easy to maintain surface that is heat, splash and stain resistant and trouble-free. Personalize your home with a custom ceramic tile mural from our collection of Tuscany themed Italian vineyards, wineries, windows, baskets of fruit or flowers, platters of cheese and wine, butterflies, hummingbirds, or tropical fish. A kitchen backsplash or wall decoration using a Bloomingtiles® mural with coordinated accent tiles is the ideal way to customize your home. It will transform your kitchen, bathroom, shower, patio wall or barbecue and will last a lifetime.

Don't let unsightly electrical outlets or light switches detract from the appearance of your nearby mural or other decorated surface. Finishing Touches is a resource which can custom decorate and perfectly match any light switch or electrical outlet to the surrounding surface of tile, marble, granite, travertine or tumbled stone.