Will my mural scratch or wear off?

A  Bloomingtiles® murals and accents are very durable and scratch resistant. With recommended care and cleaning, the tile surface will not scratch or wear off.

Can Murals be positioned in any relationship to the tile grout lines?

A  Yes, this will be determined during the order process.

I have pre-existing tile, can a mural be bonded to it?

A  Yes, however we recommend you contact a tile installation professional for more information. Tile retailers offer many trims that will frame the mural and cover the unfinished edge of the tile.

Can I install the mural myself?

A  Yes, with the same level of skill used to install ordinary tile, however, the consequence of a mistake is much more costly! Better use a professional unless you are really confident.

How do I care for Bloomingtiles® murals and accents?

A  With proper care and cleaning Bloomingtiles® murals and accents will not scratch or wear. Also they are not subject to fading like paints and photographs. They can be installed in full sunlight. We recommend cleaning the tile with a non-abrasive cleaner such as 409, Simple Green, Windex, Clorox Clean-up, Pine-Sol or regular dish washing liquid. Products to be avoided are scouring pads, products containing acid, Comet, Ajax, and other abrasive cleansers that may damage the surface of any tile.

Will the firing process affect the color or texture of the glaze on the tile?

A  No. Our controlled firing process does not affect the original glaze.

What do you recommend as the width of the grout line (space between the tiles)?

A  Bloomingtiles® murals are created for and look best with a tight grout joint. You should discuss this with your tile installer.

What is your return policy?

A  If you are not completely satisfied after receiving your order, you have two weeks from the date of receipt to return the tile to us in new condition. You will be credited the full purchase price less shipping and handling. If you supplied us with the tile, credit will be limited to the purchase price less shipping and handling. We will not compensate you for the cost of the customer-supplied tile. Please contact us prior to the return of any items. Your purchase is final once your tile is installed.

How long will it take before I receive my order?

A  We make every effort to ship orders within seven days. However, please allow up to two weeks plus shipping time.